map·ball  – /mapbôl/

noun:  toddler speak for “globe” – a term we decided was much too cute to correct, even years later

A very warm welcome to Mapball Adventures!

We are two food-loving expats who met abroad and are raising fourth culture kids in Asia.  And we have a plan.  

Allow us to introduce ourselves:

A is from the Philippines.  She is a photographer and a stay at home mom.

J is from the US and has been in the international humanitarian sector for the past two decades. 

We have recently been joined by two little ones, both born here in Thailand, L and E.  At last count, they’ve been to 14 and 8 countries.  Not bad, boys!

Becoming parents didn’t quash our desire for off-the-beaten-track travel.  We seek adventure more than ever and hope to transfer our love for exploration to our kids. 

We want to inspire those who need a little encouragement to take family adventures.  We think all travel can be kid friendly if approached in the right way.

And we have a plan:  aggressively save enough to take a year+ break from work to worldschool our kids when they’re old enough to remember the experience…and young enough to still think traveling around the world with their parents is cool.  

All photos are ours (mostly A‘s) unless otherwise stated.

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